NexxusCoin is the internal token that powers the Nexxus ecosystem.

Driving the World of Cryptocurrency

Specs / Features / FAQs


299 Million

Initial Coins


Short POW Phase

five percent

Compound Interest



60 seconds

Block Time


Retarget Every Block

key features


NexxusCoin was widely distributed over a short proof of work mining phase. No new NexxusCoins will ever be minted aside from the 5% yearly interest paid to holders of NexxusCoin.


The NexxusCoin network does not require the use of large-scale, specialized hardware operations. NexxusCoin is far more energy-efficient than traditional digital currency networks.

fast transactions

NexxusCoin's proof of stake system makes the NexxusCoin network lightning fast. NexxusCoin is the ideal digital currency for face to face transactions and all applications that value speed.


NexxusCoin has a strong and dedicated community made up of both talented affiliates and users working hard to push NexxusCoin as far as it will go.


NexxusCoin's network is secure against the attacks other digital currencies face due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations to run their networks.

wide merchant adoption

New merchants and services accept NexxusCoin every day to tap into the emerging Cryptocurrency market. The Nexxus Rewards Merchant network is built by a motivated force of international entreprenurial affiliates.

How do I get a NexxusCoin address?

You must install a Nexxus Wallet to get a Nexxus coin address. Go to and click the “Wallets” menu option on the left-side menu. You can download the wallet for your computer operating system and view installation instructions. After your Nexxus Wallet is installed you can click on the “Receive” menu option to view your displayed Nexxus coin address. Select your Nexxus coin address and click the “Copy Address” button on the bottom of the page.

Why is my Nexxus Wallet not synching?

When your wallet is first installed or after it has been offline for a while it will need to get an updated copy of the Nexxus blockchain. This is called synching. Your Nexxus wallet need to be able to communicate over the Internet from your computer. Some applications may block your Nexxus Wallet from communicating over the Internet. If you have a firewall installed (e.g. Windows Firewall) you will need to go to your firewall settings (e.g. Control Panel – Windows Firewall) and select “Allow an App through Windows Firewall”. Find the NexxusCoin-Qt application in the list and enable it to allow access.

You should see a synching status bar message at the bottom of the wallet (with so many weeks, days or hours left). If your wallet is out of synch and is not displaying a synching status bar message, sometimes the wallet’s local blockchain may be corrupt. If you backup your wallet, stop your wallet application, rename or remove the NexxusCoin folder, and then restart your wallet, it will automatically create a new wallet and start synchronizing it’s local copy of the Nexxus blockchain. You will still need to stop your wallet again, restore your backed-up wallet and restart your wallet.

Does my Nexxus Wallet mint/stake coins if my computer is off?

Nexxus coin is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that verifies Nexxus transactions by the voting power of the Nexxus coin holders. Your wallet must be running and connected to the Internet to participate in the transaction verification process in order to earn new Nexxus coins. This process is called minting or staking. Your wallet must also be unlocked for staking.

What is proof of stake and how does it work?

NexxusCoin is based on a unique technology called Proof of Stake. Instead of verifying and securing the network with large calculations like other digital currencies, NexxusCoin uses verification of the peoples' coins to secure the network and process transactions.

The Proof of Stake system makes the NexxusCoin operate much faster than nearly all other digital currencies. No more waiting on your money. Proof of Stake also ensures that NexxusCoin remains decentralized; no one person or group can gain control of the network.

NexxusCoin holders receive 5% componded yearly interest for their part in keeping the network secure through a process called staking.


Thanks to the Proof of Stake system, NexxusCoin's network runs on the average computers and phones of NexxusCoin users all over the world. Most other digital currency networks are run by large operations with specialized, energy-hungry hardware. The difference in energy efficiency is clear. NexxusCoin is the green digital currency.


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