NexxusCoin is the internal token that powers the Nexxus ecosystem.

Driving the World of Cryptocurrency

Getting Started with NexxusCoin

Cryptocurrency can sometimes be difficult to get your head around, but it's basically digital money. Once you get started, you'll see how incredibly easy it is! Check out our Getting Started guide below.

Getting Started with NexxusCoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Download a wallet

First, you need to get a wallet to store your NexxusCoins.



Stake your NexxusCoins

NexxusCoin holders receive 5% compounded yearly interest through a process called staking.

NexxusCoin is no longer mineable, but your can earn NexxusCoins by staking your NexxusCoins.

  • Staking with your NexxusCoin Wallet

    1. Open your NexxusCoin Wallet

    2. Make sure you have NexxusCoins in your wallet.

    Staking is a process of earning interest on
    your holdings. You need holdings first!

    3. Wait for the NexxusCoin Wallet to sync.

    The blockchain must finish syncing
    before you can begin staking!

    4. Unlock the wallet.

    Unlocking the wallet allows your coins to take part
    in the staking process. Go to Settings > Unlock Wallet
    to unlock the wallet. By default, this unlocks the wallet
    only for staking.

    5. Wait for the staking icon to turn green.

    Once the staking icon turns green, your coins are staking. You may need to wait for your coins to mature. computer firewalls may also prevent your wallet from staking. You will earn rewards every few days, depending on the size of your holdings, adding up to 5% interest yearly.

Spend your NexxusCoins

Now that you have some NexxusCoins you can do some shopping at many online and retail merchants.

You can locate merchants accepting NexxusCoin, Bitcoin and most top cryptocurrencies at Nexxus Rewards.


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We have a dedicated, positive and friendly community made up of both NexxusCoin users and affiliates.

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